Lego The Movie Birthday Theme

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Matthew's Lego The Movie Birthday Party

Lego The Movie Birthday Theme

Here are some of the details and photos from Matthew’s Special Seventh Birthday Party, a Lego The Movie Birthday Theme. This year has been my very first year to throw my little one a birthday party with his friends at school (We would always celebrate it with family and friends at home) and I must admit that I was a bit stressed out and nervous at the same time. I wanted Matthew and his friends to have a great time and remember his 7th birthday party, so it was really a big deal for me.


Since last winter, Matthew has been very obsessed with Legos and “Lego The Movie.”  We took him and his friend to see the movie and he really enjoyed it. He immediately asked me if he could have a Lego The Movie” Birthday Party Theme for his 7th Birthday. Of course I said yes, why not, right? It took me three weeks to prepare for his birthday including the wait time for some things that I had to order online to arrive but it was super easy once I had all the things I needed to start the crafting.

I first secured the place where we’re going to have Matthew’s party. He picked the Nags Head Bowling Center because he really liked bowling the very first time he tried it at someone else’s birthday party last fall. The place didn’t have a wall where I could hang a birthday banner so I immediately thought of creating a small banner that I can put on a table which will serve as a backdrop. I bought a white board at Staples and printed a “Happy Birthday” banner. You can download a Free Lego Font  online to use for your banner.

Lego Gift Bags

For the giveaways, I found these colorful paper bags at Walmart, 3 for only $1, what a deal! I bought 15 pieces of them in red (5), green(5) and blue(5) colors. I then added three round foams of the same color to make it look like a giant piece of lego. I filled the bags with customized pencil, eraser, party poppers, bubbles and candies. I also added “Lego Heads” on each straw and wrap each napkins with the fork with a “Lego Label”.

Table Details Lego Straws Marshmallow Pops Guess How Many LegosLego Chocolates Birthday Details

For additional treats, I’ve made some marshmallow pops and chocolates using Lego mini figurine and block mold. I used Wilton candy melts in Blue and Yellow for both the marshmallow pops and chocolates. I also have “Lego Soap” giveaways which is by the way a big hit to all the moms and kids. I’ve also put Lego pieces and blocks inside a mason jar and asked all the kids to guess how many pieces are inside the jar. We’ve announced the winner before cutting the cake and gave away some cool prizes.  The highlight of this birthday party is the cake that I just adore so much and the kids enjoyed as well especially Matthew. I ordered an edible topper on Etsy, a half sheet white cake with whipped icing from a local grocery store and Lego Block Candles.

Lego The Movie Birthday Cake

“Lego the Movie” Birthday Cake

The Gang

This picture sums up the party. Matthew and his friends really enjoyed the food, games and giveaways. I am glad that everyone had a blast. 🙂

My name is Cai, an Asian Crossover, Filipina, Bilingual Global Marketer and a Food Enthusiast living on a tiny island of Outerbanks, North Carolina.

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