Best Phone Accessory for Summer

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If you are like me, chances are, you like to take pictures everywhere you go. But bringing my DSLR however is always a struggle so sometimes I just take my handy iPhone with me. My phone has taken a lot of beating from all our travels and I’m pretty surprised that it is still working. Three weeks ago, I tried searching for a waterproof case for my phone so I can take it to the beach with me this summer without having to worry about it getting wet and sandy. I got this really inexpensive DandyCase on Amazon and yesterday I was able to use it at the beach. OMG, I’ve never purchased something that I am so in love with that I had to share and blog about it. This is by far the best phone accessory for summer; truly, a must-have for someone who lives on the beach like me. This case works great and can even take good pictures under water. I highly recommend this case and check out their other products for various smart phones. Tip: Open the camera app on your phone before taking a photo underwater, the touchscreen won’t work directly underwater, it will just allow you to take photos once you open the app. P.S. Below is a photo that I posted on Instagram using this waterproof case. Instagram

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