Visiting Bethel New York – Home of the Woodstock Festival

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Bethel Woods Woodstock Festival Brochure

Bethel New York – Home of the Woodstock Festival

Here are some pictures from our recent trip. Visiting Bethel New York – Home of the Woodstock Festival to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary for the first time was really an experience of a lifetime. Yay! Traditions suggest to give anything “wood” for your 5th wedding anniversary, so we took the traditional wedding anniversary gift to a whole new level.

We stayed at a log cabin in Bethel, New York. How creative, memorable, historical and fun for the family? Best part of this trip, well, we went to see Crosby, Stills and Nash’s concert celebrating 45 years since they first played in Bethel, NY for Woodstock Festival in 1969. How cool is that, huh?

Original Site of Woodstock

Betthel Woods - Original Site of Woodstock

The Original Site of Woodstock was held at Max Yasgur‘s family farm in Bethel, NY. He leased a field of his farm after several villages declined to provide a venue for the Woodstock Festival in 1969. To this date the Original Site of Woodstock has been restored but part of the Yasgur’s Farm has been turned into an Amphitheater (concert venue) and Museum in which you can find a collection of photos, videos and memorabilia from 1969. These venues are under Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. It is a not-for-profit organization committed to inspire, educate and empower individuals through the arts and humanities.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Woodstock Festival Monument

Boys at Original Site of Woodstock

The boys at the Woodstock Festival Monument

Original Site of Woodstock

Feeling the vibe at the Original Site of Woodstock

Bethel Pastures Farm Bed and Breakfast

The drive to our Bed and Breakfast in Bethel, New York had us all skeptical at first. It is a first for everyone to visit the place and taking the back route (Pennsylvania) with extreme weather conditions made the trip a little bit harder. Thankfully, we arrived at the farm safe.  The next day made all the difference after having the best freshly made breakfast we’ve ever had courtesy of Kenny, one of the Inn Keepers. Kenny and Kelsey made us all feel at home at the Farm. They showed us around and we were able to meet and pet some of the farm animals. Kenny also took us to a hay ride up in the mountains and showed us the farm land. It was such a great learning experience for all of us. Hats off to Kenny for keeping up with the farm and the bed and breakfast.

Bethel Pastures Farm Bed and Breakfast

Bethel Pastures Farm Bed and Breakfast

Matty with the Sheep

Matthew really enjoyed petting all the farm animals.

Farm Animals

Earl the Ram

Cyrus the Sheep

Cyrus the Sheep

Jeffersonville New York

Main Street, Downtown Jeffersonville, New York

We also took a quick trip around Main Street in Downtown Jeffersonville, New York. Such a cute and quaint little town near Bethel where you can find little lakes and waterfalls, historical homes and shops. We had such a fun yet short time up north, most of it were spent driving but nevertheless it was really a great trip for the whole family. We’re very happy and surprised that our seven year old son loved the farm living, the farm animals, the mountains, the concert and learning about the 60s era at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. Definitely crossed one from our bucket lists.

Crosby, Stills and Nash Concert

Crosby, Stills and Nash 2014 Concert

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