10 Must Haves for your Disney Trip

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It has been eight months since our Walt Disney World trip, wow! Months went by so fast when you’re truly having fun. I know I owe everyone an update on how we planned our Disney vacation on a budget. I promise that the details for the vacation planning will be on my next post.

For now, I have gathered 10 essential must haves for your Disney Trip. As we all know every trip requires a list of what to bring in case of emergencies. I have definitely learned a lot of things from day one and made some adjustments the following days.

Here are some of the “Disney” trip must haves:

  1. My Disney Experience App –  This app has been our lifeline for wait times, show times, FastPass+, locating restaurants, rest rooms, attractions and more. 
  2. Disney Magic Band – Disney Magic Band has been our savior for fast entries to theme parks, FastPass+, purchasing meals and merchandises.
  3. Sturdy Bag – I used my Katespade Bag (KENNEDY PARK NEKO) which is very spacious to carry all my belongings.
  4. Evian Facial Mist – We visited during Spring Break and although it was in April, the weather in Orlando gets really hot and humid in the middle of the day. Having millions of people from all over the world makes it really hard to navigate and exhausting to walk around. The facial mist refreshes your face when you’re walking around the park.
  5. Baby Wipes – This is a must esp. if you’re traveling with kids. I’ve been wiping seats and tables, rides, door handles, etc. I didn’t want Matty getting sick while we’re at the park.
  6. Hand Sanitizer – Hand sanitizer is my saving grace from all the virus and germs around the park. (Eeekk, I am a germaphobe!)
  7. Phone Charger
  8. Sun Accessories (Sunglasses and Baseball Caps)
  9. Handy Camera 
  10. Comfortable Sneakers – Always wear comfortable shoes, remember, you will be spending the whole day walking around the park.

My name is Cai, an Asian Crossover, Filipina, Bilingual Global Marketer and a Food Enthusiast living on a tiny island of Outerbanks, North Carolina.

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